Yuehao's Showcase

Coding Works

At the age of 13, inspired by my father (an awesome full-stack software engineer), I began learning computer programming and developing video games along with my twin brother. I believe this experience sparks my initial passion for computer vision and graphics research. I also developed some utility tools and explored creative coding.

Below is the archive of my coding projects, a large portion of which I developed during my high school years. Some of them are open-sourced and hosted on my github.
Note: These coding works are licensed under a GPLv3.0 License, except for those open-source libraries with individual licenses placed in their project repositories accordingly. My favorite ones are marked with .

Fever in Music

As an enthusiast of rock, metal, and blues, I spend my free time on honing my guitar skills and crafting original songs when I'm not immersed in research (though I'm less talented). My taste for music is deeply rooted in the iconic sound of vintage bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and The Beatles, as well as many guitarists like Jimmy Page, Slash, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, to name just a few.

Spectrum A toy album of my early attempts to create songs with Apple's Garageband™ loop packs. Each track was crafted to embrace diverse music styles and feelings.