Yuehao's Lab


A naive undergraduate majoring in Computer Science who is a hardcore of open-source, keen on science and mathematics, curious about nature and humanity, amateurish music maker, and also a dream pursuer.
My research insterests include Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computer Systems, and Consumer Psychology. My recent research focus on neural rendering technology and learning-based ambivalence tracking of consumers. In addition, I am also passionate about website design and game development. Download My Resume


  • email wangyuehao1999#gmail.com
  • inbox Github: @yuehaowang


Reinforcement Cache

We adopt a reinforcement learning-based method to cache replacement strategy, aiming to improve the miss rate of existing traditional cache replacement policies. The main idea of modeling is to regard the strategy as a MDP so that we can employ DRL to learn cache eviction patterns. (Excellent Course Project at Artificial Intelligence)

Shadow Scent

A mobile game which is friendly to visually impaired people. After desk research and interviews about entertainment of visually impaired people, we design this game aiming to improve video game's user experience and sociability for those vulnerable people. (The Best Course Project at Roadshow of Design Thinking)

Pylash Engine

Pylash is a 2D game framework in Python, which was developed when I was a high school student. Inspired from my experience designing and developing video games, this framework is integrated with various essential modules including 2D graphics rendering (based on PySide2), event systems, tween animation, multimedia systems, SAT collision detection, etc.

Greeting Card

You may want to write some warm words to your best friends, parents or lover. Plain text may bore them. Greeting Card provides a magnificent animation to show the message brick by brick. Receivers just need to tap the screen until they make sense of what you want to express (maybe it's your gratitude or your love).

Offer Pool

Application for foreign universities is a tough and important problem for students who want to study abroad. We utilize data mining techniques to predict admission of target universities. With text data crawling from related websites, we train a model which receives your major, TOEFL, GRE, GPA, target universities, etc., and output probabilities that target universities will give you offers. (Excellent Course Project at Web and Text Mining)