Yuehao Wang

std::vector<Tech> me;

Hey there, welcome to my homepage. Some of my works and my profile can be found here. BTW, welcome you to follow me and star/fork my projects on Github if you find them useful.

Featured Projects

Greeting Card

Greeting Card is designed for creating an untraditional but enchanting greeting card to show your message in your mind. With the effect of a magnificent animation showing the message brick by brick, receivers just need to tap the screen until they make sense of what you want to express (maybe it's your gratitude or your love). Find no creative idea to express yourself? Try Greeting Card without hesitation~

I am Working on...

Duckling Game Engine

Duckling is an OpenGL based game engine aiming to simplify the process of game development in python. Easy-to-install, cross-platform and light-weight are the major features of duckling game engine. If you are interested in this 'under-construction' project, please check it on Github.