Yuehao Wang

Undergraduate Student
SIST@ShanghaiTech University
Pudong New District, Shanghai

wangyh3 [at] shanghaitech.edu.cn
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I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at ShanghaiTech University. I am working in the Visual and Data Intelligence Center under supervision of Prof. Jingyi Yu and Prof. Xiaopei Liu. Besides, I have been working with Prof. Jianbo Shi remotely during my summer research. Outside of academics, my hobbies include creating games, designing webpages, writing songs, and cycling.


My topics of interest include computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning. In particular, I work on projects in neural rendering, 3D reconstruction, and graph learning. Below are listed my research works.
(Note: * indicates equal contribution.)

SoGCN: Second-Order Graph Convolutional Networks
Peihao Wang*, Yuehao Wang*, Hua Lin, Jianbo Shi
Submitted to ICML 2021

We show that multi-layer second-order graph convolution (SoGC) is sufficient to attain the ability of expressing polynomial spectral filters with arbitrary coefficients.
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Multi-view Neural Human Rendering
Minye Wu, Yuehao Wang, Qiang Hu, Jingyi Yu
Accepted by CVPR 2020
We present an end-to-end Neural Human Renderer (NHR) for dynamic human captures under the multi-view setting.
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  • CS171 Computer Graphics - Spring 2021 (TA)
  • MATH1112 Linear Algebra - Fall 2019, Fall 2020 (TA)
  • UTech Academy AI Camp - Summer 2020 (TA of Data Science)
  • SI100 Introduction to Computer Programming - Fall 2018 (TA)
Other Projects
Let's CG Star

A course project implemented essential algorithms and applications for rendering and geometry processing in the area of computer graphics, including OpenGL, global illumination, volume rendering, Loop subdivision, etc.
Pylash Star

A Python 2D game framework, created when I was a high school student, with a series of common modules implemented, such as 2D graphics, event systems, media systems, tween animation, collision detection, etc.
[Github] [PyPI]
Greeting Card Star

Greeting Card provides an interactive animation to show your message brick by brick. Your receivers just need to tap the screen until they understand what you want to express.
[Github] [Demo]
Art & Music

I am a hardcore of music, especially Rock & Roll music. I am fond of songs composed by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Eagles, and The Beatles. I play guitar and try to write songs when I have spare time. My favorite guitarists are Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and George Harrison.

Apollo in the Sky

As a music amateur, Yuehao Wang made this toy music album with Apple's Garageband™. The album is named after 1970's United States human spaceflight program "Apollo", standing for authors' exploring in musical world is exactly like a spaceship travelling over the galaxy.
[Listen Online]
Student Collaborators

I have worked with many excellent collaborators during my academic journey. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their efforts devoted to our jobs.

  • Rui Wang (Undergra @ ShanghaiTech)
  • Yincen Xia (MS @ UPenn)
  • Guangyuan Weng (Undergra @ ShanghaiTech)
  • Qixuan Zhang (Undergra @ ShanghaiTech)