Open-source Frameworks

Pylash Python

Pylash is a game engine for python. I develop pylash in python3 and the GUI engine of pylash is PyQt4. With pylash engine, you could create games in a simple way. Pylash will be a good helper for those who are freshmen in developing game and who dream of creating their own games.

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Greeting Card JavaScript

You may want to write some warm words to your best friends, parents or lover. Plain text may bore them. Greeting Card provides a magnificent animation to show the message brick by brick. Receivers just need to tap the screen until they make sense of what you want to express (maybe it's your gratitude or your love).

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Games & Apps


Flying Stone

Released on 12/25/2016
Flying Stone is a physical-motion-simulating game. Within the game time, tap screen and then throw stones to hit birds flying in the sky. And more birds you hit, more points you will get.
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Released on 05/31/2015
SanguoTD is a tower-defense-like game. To win the game, you need to play your own role and command your armies to fight against enemies together. The theme of this game is Three Kingdoms (Sanguo), which is a great era in the Chinese history.
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Although I am not an expert in photography even not a beginner, I would like to take some photos of spectacular scenery around me and share them on the Internet. You can find most of them on my instagram.