I am an undergraduate from ShanghaiTech University majored in computer science. I have learnt HTML5 & JavaScript & CSS and React framework for web development (familiar), HTML5 Canvas and Unity for game development (familiar), moreover, C++, Python, Mozilla Rust and Docker for backend development. I have been working on CG, AI and CV research since 2017. This homepage is all about my personal life insight and experience sharing on IT field.

Work Experience

  • Jul, 2018 - Present: Mixed Reality & Web Developer at ShanghaiTech VIC Lab.
  • 2013 - Present: Individaul Game & Web Developer.


  • Jul, 2018 - Earned the second prize of 2018 THE Hack - hackShanghai.
  • Dec, 2017 - Earned the second prize of 2017 iLab Hackathon.
  • Jan, 2014 - Obtained CSDN blog expert certification for publishing several high-quality technical articles on CSDN.